Logo Style Guide

Logo Style Guide

The BooJeeBeads™ logo is a registered trademark and can not be altered in any way without permission from BooJeeBeads™.

The ™ symbol must be used with the logo at all times. The position of the symbol must be either on the lower right side or below the lower right corner of the logo.

Corporate color is purple (PMS 520) and can only be used in the combination shown to the right. The logo must never be printed in any other colors or used in reverse.

If necessary, the logo size can only be changed if done in proportion.

When using the words alone, only the following form is acceptable:
Always us the ™ at least once on a page.

When used with the copyright symbol, the following format should be used:
© 2010 BooJeeBeads

When you click download, the high res logo appears in a HTML page. On Windows you can save them by right clicking on them and selecting Save as, while on Mac you can save them by CTRL - clicking on them and selecting Save as.


BooJee Logo CMYK.eps

BooJee Logo Spot.eps 
 BooJee Logo RGB.jp